Key Martial Arts

Welcome to Key Martial Arts, where we have been instructing students in Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista since 2000. Key Martial Arts was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2010.

Key Martial Arts, in Oceanside, California, has a unique environment for martial arts training. We are more than just a punching and kicking school. At KMA, our students are thoroughly trained in the physical aspects of martial arts, but our award–winning programs also strive to teach mental, spiritual and emotional development and balance. We foster an environment where each and every student can accomplish their goals at their own unique pace – men and women, girls and boys. We are dedicated 100% to the development of focus, teamwork, leadership, self-confidence and self-discipline.

Students have a wide variety of reasons for undertaking martial arts training. For some, improved physical fitness is the goal; for others, it is weight loss. For many, the goal is to be able to defend oneself in an increasingly violent and inhospitable world. This wide spectrum of students’ goals means that the programs offered need to be tailored to the individual student. At KMA, we have turned this need into a reality.

Key Martial Arts is honored to offer Shaolin Kenpo/Kempo as our main self-defense style, but we also draw from multiple disciplines as needed, in order to provide every student with complete and well-rounded training. This specialized system gives our students the best self-defense tools available. Our high-energy classes not only give students a great workout, but also improve their strength, flexibility and endurance.

Our Classes

Mission Statement

Positive: I will always look for the GOOD in others and myself.
Courteous: I will be NICE to others and myself.
Confident: I will always BE EXCELLENT.
Leader: I will set a POSITIVE example for others to follow.
Respectful: I will never be RUDE or MEAN.
Action Taker: I will use what I LEARN in CLASS to HELP others and myself.
Self-Discipline: I will AVOID anything or action that would HURT others and myself.
Never Give Up: I will always be my BEST.
Loyalty: I will SUPPORT my friends and family.