Finding that perfect balance. It’s what all of us strive for in life. Whether you’re searching for the perfect mental, spiritual, and emotional balance in your own busy schedule or you’re looking for the perfect way to teach your children this essential skill, Key Martial Arts can help.

It’s More Than Physical Training

When most people think of martial arts training, they think of learning the right techniques and training for self-defense and competition. Here, you’ll find a unique program that spells more than punching and kicking. Instead, we’ve created an environment where every student can accomplish his or her goals at the right pace. We’re as dedicated to technique as we are to the development of focus, teamwork, leadership, confidence, and discipline.

What’s Your Reason?

Students come to us with a number of goals. From improved physical fitness to weight loss to self-defense, the spectrum is vast, so our programs are carefully tailored to meet all of those needs. Martial arts can do so much for your life. It teaches every student to be more physically active while helping to improve concentration, control, and versatility. It can even help you find a level of inner stillness and peace you didn’t know was possible before you started working with martial arts. Add that to the fact that you’ll learn how to take those inevitable hits in life, and you have a practice that means a fundamental shift in your entire thought process. No matter the reason you start with us, once you’re here, you’ll find a phenomenal environment that will change every aspect of your life.

Our Program

Shaolin Kenpo/Kempo is the primary style of self-defense we teach, but since we draw from a number of disciplines to provide every student with the well-rounded training needed to survive in today’s difficult world, you may find Key Martial Arts far less limiting than other schools. Every class we offer means a high energy workout that helps with strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Get Started Now

It’s time to make a positive change in your life. With Key Martial Arts, you’ll find the best possible training experience in a fun, innovative environment that’s perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike. Take a look at our classes, then contact us to join our community today. You’ll find a change in spirit from the moment you get started.