Kids Classes

Considering a martial arts class for your child?

Martial Arts KidsThere are lots of amazing reasons to enroll your child in one of our classes now. Here are five of the best:

  1. Physical activity is essential throughout life. Martial arts is a great life sport to teach your child from an early age. More than ever, kids need to get active and get moving, and while youth sports are a great idea, not every kid is a traditional athlete. Martial arts offers much more than a few weeks of sports here and there as the seasons progress.
  2. Your child will learn how to focus. Inner silence isn’t something society teaches today, but it’s a must in later life. Martial arts teaches your child the ability to focus without the continual distractions that are so often present in other settings.
  3. Your child will master the art of getting back up. As your child grows, he or she must learn to get a handle getting hit and taking another shot at it, both at the obvious physical level as well as at the emotional level. Martial arts teaches your child a lesson in failure that other sports don’t. It’s a chance to master disappointment early in life.
  4. Self-confidence and self-respect are just part of basic martial arts training, and they’ll automatically become part of your child’s life. They’re essential as your child grows, and the sense of confidence will run deep, giving your child the inner power to do anything in life.
  5. Conflict resolution will naturally become part of your child’s skillset. Even without physical intervention, your child will have the skills to get along with others at every turn.

No matter why you eventually decide Key Martial Arts is right for your child, you’re going to find the perfect class and a great experience the moment you call. Take a look at our class options now:

  • Lil’ Dragons: Packed with positive messages and activities that are certain to help your littlest one develop essential motor skills and learn the basics without the competitive environment. Completely age appropriate, your child will gain skills that can be built upon at the next level.
  • Youth Classes: As your child gets older, a more intense level of training will be introduced, but don’t worry! Our key philosophies are always in place at Key Martial Arts. We understand that classes have to be as fun and positive as they are challenging. With a winning merit badge program, your child will watch as he or she earns a place in the next rank.

To learn more about our programs or sign up for a class today, contact us now.